We have worked with Lee and Paul twice now to purchase a beach cottage and now a rental property. Both transactions were challenging in different ways. The cottage is off the grid and had been on the market a long time and was actually off the market when we found it. Paul was able to get them to put it back on the market so we could view it. It needed so much work and was such a mess that Paul tried to talk us out of it. We new it was the one we wanted and Lee and Paul were able to negotiate a deal at half the asking price. The second was in high demand and a must have for us again. This time they felt we would be lucky to get the property at asking price. With Lee and Paul’s guidance, Lee making us write a letter to the seller and them tag teaming the listing agent we got the house at list price with at least two offers higher than ours. The seller later told me that the letter my wife wrote was what made him take our offer. I plan to buy another rental property as soon as I can, and there is no other realtor I would consider calling. They are the best!

— DJ & Amanda